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Take the First Step to Franchise Ownership with a FREE Customized Franchise Opportunity Report to Find the Best Franchise Opportunities in Your Local Market.

Franchise Opportunity Reports are your gateway to uncovering the best franchise opportunities for your local market in the United States. Our expert team is dedicated to giving you the insights and knowledge you need to make informed franchise investment decisions. With our tailored reports, you can embark on a successful entrepreneurial journey in the thriving franchise industry.

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"The secret to getting ahead, is getting started" - Mark Twain

3 Easy Steps to Finding Your Best Franchise Opportunity


Complete our form to request your FREE sample Franchise Opportunity report(s). Review the sample reports and make a decision to get more customized Franchise Opportunity Reports for free.


To get your FREE customized Franchise Opportunity report, schedule a 15-minute no obligation call to discuss your specific, skills, interests, & market specifics.  Shortly thereafter, receive your custom Franchise Opportunity. The custom report is a $495 value.


If you choose, start the process to being awarded your own new franchise unit(s). Our team will help you through this process described below:

A. Get pre-qualified to secure necessary capital & financing.

B. Consult with our team to find the best franchise options for your specific skills, interests & financial situation.

C. Get introduced to Franchise brand(s) with current opportunities in your chosen market(s) that could be a good fit for you.

D. Receive and review franchise disclosure documents to better understand the brand’s business unit economics.

E. Meet the executive team running your franchise brand (at an in-person or virtual Discovery Day).

F. When you are awarded a new franchise unit, review and execute a franchise agreement with your chosen brand.

G. Set up new unit operations with guidance & training from your franchisor.

H. Launch your new business!

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Unparalleled Insights

Our in-depth and current data provides unparalleled insights into the current franchise landscape, enabling you to mitigate risks and maximize your chances of achieving substantial returns on your investment through franchise opportunity reports.

Data-driven Decisions

GeoMetrx Franchise Opportunity Reports empowers you to examine market trends, financial projections, and growth potential, enabling you to identify opportunities of your preferences with the highest chances of success.

Customized Approach

Our franchise opportunity reports are tailored to your specific requirements, such as interests and regions, ensuring that the reports we provide align perfectly with your vision.

Franchise Opportunity Reports for:

Home Services

Tap into the ever-growing demand for home services, including cleaning, maintenance, remodeling, landscaping, and more. Our franchise opportunity reports highlight the most promising home service industries, allowing you to enter a flourishing market with the most potential.

Food & Beverage

Experience the joy of owning a business in the dynamic food and beverage sector. Our franchise opportunity reports delve into opportunities such as restaurants, cafes, food trucks, and specialty food stores, equipping you with the knowledge to thrive in this fast-paced industry.

Pets, Kids & Senior Services

Invest in franchises to meet the growing demand for assisted living support, nurturing environments for young minds, and exceptional care for furry companions. Our franchise opportunity reports highlight the most rewarding opportunities in these sectors, providing valuable insights for your franchising success.

Automotive Services

Uncover hidden gems, mitigate risks, and maximize profitability in the dynamic automotive sector. Our franchise opportunity reports cover a range of automotive services, from auto maintenance, repair and parts to make better informed investment decisions.

Trust our Franchise Opportunity Reports

Our franchise opportunity reports have enabled tremendous growth in a wide range of opportunities for our customers. Whether it’s about bringing exceptional home services to communities, serving delectable culinary delights, or catering to the needs of seniors, we’ve got you covered.

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